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Caroline Bevan

Recruitment Resourcer

Newport, UK


Caroline is a dedicated recruitment resourcer at Candour Talent, playing a pivotal role in securing placements, sourcing top-tier candidates for clients, and guiding individuals towards exciting career paths.

Despite her relatively recent entry into the recruitment field, with just a year of industry experience, Caroline has swiftly proven her mettle.

Prior to her recruitment journey, Caroline made her mark in the insurance sector.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Caroline possesses a number of hidden talents. Her journey in the world of arts began at the tender age of 6 with classical singing training, a skill that still resonates with her. Moreover, her passion led her to the grand stage of ballroom dancing, where she showcased her elegance at none other than the illustrious Blackpool Tower.

While her achievements are diverse and impressive, Caroline's most profound motivation springs from her growing family, as she eagerly anticipates the arrival of her baby girl.

"Candour is a lot of fun. The people are lovely and really welcoming, it's a lovely place to work. The people make it."

-Caroline Bevan