Helping Your Business Push Forward with a Strong Sales Team

The key to many businesses’ success is their marketing, which in turn drives their sales. Ensuring you have the best marketing and sales team is a must for any business running the processes in house.

Using our wealth of knowledge and connections within this industry, Candour Talent understands the requirements to fill these roles with suitable candidates in your business, and help it stay at the top of its game. We work closely with all our clients to ensure we find the perfect candidate.

Sales Executive

From helping potential leads with enquiries, to encouraging repeat sales, Sales Executives play an important part in driving the business forward and are often at the forefront. We look for candidates who are well suited to these roles, not only with enthusiasm for your business, but also being able to project a positive image too.

Handshake at Meeting

Area Manager

A key part to ensuring the business continues to operate smoothly, the Area Manager must have the patience and knowledge to manage teams across a region of outlets or offices. We strive to find the candidate with the right dedication and knowledge to aid your business’ operations and help it excel in what it does to drive new sales.

Marketing Executive

From arranging day to day marketing, to liaising with relevant agencies to ensure your business gets attention, the Marketing Executive is important to any business to help boost its visibility and reach its
potential audience. We work with you to ensure we source the perfect candidate.

Sales Director

A role for strong candidates with a passion for the business. Using their skills and the ability to manage a team effectively, they head up the sales department to ensure the best possible results. We understand that this role varies from business to business and work hard to source the ideal candidate for you.

Business Development

Focusing on customers, markets and relationships, the Business Development role is not only vital for any business looking to expand, but also an important one too. Between finding now customers and finding new ways to reach your existing clients, we understand the importance of this role and work with you to identify the perfect candidate.