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The UK automotive industry is a vital component in the UK economy, contributing £15bn to the economy from its estimated £80bn revenue generated annually. The industry is a major employer, with roughly 180,000 direct employees and a further 846,000 people employed by the wider automotive industry and supply chains.

Despite recent challenges, the industry is alive and kicking and has experienced somewhat of a renaissance, with new and exciting opportunities ahead. Do you represent one of these companies and are looking for an open, honest and trustworthy recruitment partner?


How Candour Can Help…

We have helped many large companies in the automotive supply chain with their recruitment requirements, from OEM’s to aftermarket vendors.

We retain close links with the Welsh Automotive forum and their members, ensuring we are up to date with the latest and emerging trends in the sector, allowing us to react quickly to changing requirements, saving precious time and cost for our clients.

Candour supplies talent to automotive clients at all skills levels, from production line workers and warehouse staff, through to executive level leaders.