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Within the UK, the retail industry is one of the biggest with average annual sales around £390 billion, generating 5% of total GDP in the UK.

The retail sector spans across many subcategories with supermarkets/grocery being the largest, through to fashion, discount stores, furnishings, pharmacies, specialty retailers and many more.

In recent times, the retail sector is going through a prolonged period of upheaval with factors such as changing consumer behavior, increased internet shopping and challenging economic conditions, changing the way retailers operate and engage with customers. This forces brick and mortar stores to think outside of the box and draw customers into the store for physical shopping activity and one of the best, proven ways of doing this is to creating eye catching displays and ensure the shopping experience for the customer is easy, comfortable and enjoyable with well thought out store layouts, customer flows and visual merchandising.


How Candour Can Help…

Candour have a designated retail team at Head Office with over 40 years combined experience within the sector across all levels. We have specialist field teams on hand, fully trained in all store principles from visual merchandising, planogram merchandising, new store openings and closures, POS installation and back of house principles. Our teams form an extension to your business and bring with them their knowledge, new ideas and concepts.