Beata Orzech

Branch Manager Bridgend

With over a decade of experience in the recruitment industry, Beata Orzech brings a wealth of expertise to her role as Branch Manager at Candour Talent's Bridgend branch. Her dedication to creating meaningful connections between employers and job seekers is matched only by her passion for supporting others in achieving their career goals.

Beyond the confines of the professional sphere, Beata is an avid lover of animals and finds solace and joy in nurturing her garden. However, it's her hidden talent for ice skating that truly sets her apart. When she's not matching talent with opportunity or tending to her greenery, you can often find Beata gliding gracefully across the ice, lost in the exhilaration of movement.

What motivates Beata most is her unwavering commitment to helping others. Whether it's guiding individuals towards their dream job or lending a hand to those in need, her innate desire to make a positive impact drives her every action. With Beata at the helm, Candour Talent continues to thrive as a beacon of support and opportunity within the recruitment landscape.