Bradley Rowlands

Operations Manager

​Bradley Rowlands serves as the Operations Manager at Candour Talent, where he oversees all four branches located in Ebbw Vale, Blackwood, Newport, and Bridgend. He brings a wealth of experience with 7 ½ years in the field of industrial recruitment. His role is pivotal in ensuring successful connections between talented individuals and prospective employers.

Working at Candour under Bradley's leadership is a rewarding experience, marked by a fantastic atmosphere and a team of friendly, welcoming staff. Bradley's unique skill set includes showcasing his precision and attention to detail.

Beyond the professional realm, Bradley finds joy in hitting the pavement, participating in marathons as a testament to his commitment to discipline and perseverance. Motivated by the electric buzz of success and the drive for financial growth, Bradley Rowlands is the driving force behind the seamless operations at Candour Talent.