Caitlin Perrett

Marketing Assistant

​Caitlin is a valued member of the Marketing team at Candour Talent, contributing her expertise to diverse tasks such as content generation, social media updates, brand supervision, content design and overall marketing support.

Her journey with Candour Talent commenced following the successful completion of a Marketing Management degree from Cardiff Metropolitan University.

Building upon her academic foundation, Caitlin dedicated herself to voluntary positions, further enriching her marketing skill set. Notably, she currently serves as the dedicated content creator for Caldicot Town Ladies Football Club, leveraging her talents to enhance the club's social media presence, amplify brand recognition, and contribute to the advancement of women's football in Wales.

Behind her professional façade lies a sports enthusiast and an ardent football lover. Caitlin's passion for the game is palpable, evident through her active participation as a football player for Caldicot Town Ladies. With a ball at her feet, she finds her true happiness. Beyond the football field, Caitlin unwinds by immersing herself in music, indulging in movies and TV series, and cherishing moments spent socializing with friends.

Her unwavering dedication to success serves as her greatest motivation, propelling her forward in both her career and personal pursuits.