Kyle Smith

Branch Manager Newport

Kyle serves as the Newport Branch Manager at Candour Talent, where he brings over a decade of extensive experience in both management and finance to the table. 

Before his professional journey in the corporate world, Kyle's life took a thrilling turn through the military, where he served as a 16 Air Assault combat medic. This chapter in his life instilled in him the virtues of remaining composed under pressure and mastering the art of problem-solving in the most challenging scenarios. 

Away from the corporate hustle, Kyle's passion for exploring the depths of the ocean shines through. He's a certified diver who finds solace and excitement in uncovering the mysteries that lie beneath the waves. It's his way of seeking out new challenges and embracing them head-on. 

Kyle's true fuel comes from tackling problems headfirst. Whether it's a complex financial puzzle or a team-related issue, he thrives on finding solutions. Furthermore, his heart lies in mentoring and guiding his team, deriving immense joy from their growth and achievements.