Rhiannon Edwards

Head of Marketing

Rhiannon is an accomplished marketing professional, serving as the Head of Marketing at Candour Talent. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for innovative strategies, she oversees all aspects of marketing, including social media, events, website and email marketing, among other responsibilities.

Prior to joining Candour Talent, Rhiannon amassed valuable experience in the realms of recruitment, sales, and marketing. This diverse background has equipped her with a unique perspective and a deep understanding of the industry, making her the perfect fit for driving the marketing efforts of the company.

Outside of the office, Rhiannon leads an active and fulfilling life. She finds joy in maintaining a healthy lifestyle by regularly hitting the gym, ensuring she stays energised and focused. Additionally, Rhiannon values the time she spends with her family, cherishing their bond and creating lasting memories together.

Rhiannon's love for events and networking further fuels her passion for her work. Attending industry events and connecting with like-minded professionals allows her to stay at the forefront of marketing trends and continually provide the best possible solutions for the future.

Motivated by a drive to deliver excellence, Rhiannon consistently pushes boundaries and strives for greatness in her career. With her expertise and unwavering dedication, she plays a pivotal role in elevating Candour Talent's marketing initiatives, leaving a lasting impact on the company's success.

Rhiannon's multifaceted skill set, coupled with her vibrant personality and commitment to excellence, makes her an invaluable asset to the Candour Talent team, ensuring continued growth and success for the company.