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​Our Commercial Division

Office-based roles are extremely varied and have been growing in recent years, due to the large movement in the UK towards the 'service' sector and growing industries such as insurance, transport, advertising, warehousing and other services as teaching and health care.

Despite the recent challenges, and the move towards remote or flexible working, the ‘office’ is still very much a necessity. If your organisation is currently planning your move back to the traditional office, planning to expand, or you are simply looking for an open, honest and trustworthy recruitment partner, then Candour Talent can help.

How Candour Can Help…

Our experienced staff have over two decades of experience working extensively with organisations requiring office staff across all sectors and regularly support our clients with their requirements for roles of varying skillsets from office administrators, to heads of support functions such as Finance and Human Resources, and even Executive level talent.

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Our Tried & Tested Process.

We work in partnership with our clients to shoulder the burden of recruitment. Whether they want to find the perfect professional to fill a particular role, or build a temporary workforce due to fluctuating demand, our reliable and flexible services deliver results.

We leverage our industry knowledge, contacts, and strong candidate attraction processes to exceed expectations, every time.​​


We understand the need for high quality talent and a transparent hiring process. We endeavour to make the candidate journey work in harmony with your business and to make the recruiting and hiring process as smooth as possible.


We identify potential candidates from a multitude of sources, including job portals and using our own connections and databases, giving us access to a pool of talented individuals looking for their next career move, ensuring 100% compliance and saving you time and money.


We establish a deep understanding of our client’s requirements, by partnering to be seen as an extension of their organisation. All candidates are assessed in line with the clients criteria to deliver the best results.


Each candidate is qualified to the highest possible standard for the role, and with view of organisational culture. We work with each client to gain a full understanding of the requirements to ensure all candidates are screened to meet their needs.