Scott Smith

Branch Manager Blackwood

Scott is a seasoned Branch Manager for our Blackwood branch here at Candour Talent, where he brings his extensive expertise and specialisation to connect talent with opportunities in the Blackwood area and across the UK. With a focus on understanding the unique needs of clients and candidates, Scott is dedicated to providing excellent service and leveraging his local insight to make meaningful connections within vibrant communities.

His career journey began in the retail sector, where he spent over a decade honing his skills. Starting as a customer assistant, Scott progressed to roles such as Team Leader and Management, demonstrating his strong understanding of the industry and his natural affinity for working with people. Transitioning to a Logistics position, Scott took on the challenge of planning and managing large teams across the UK, further expanding his professional expertise.

Beyond his professional achievements, Scott has a creative side, with several of his short poems published in various books during his youth. He also shares his passion for sports, particularly as a devoted Newcastle United fan, coincidentally sharing his birthday with legendary figure Bobby Robson. Despite his dedication to his work, Scott also finds time to enjoy a round of golf, where someone once told him he was "The World's Okayest Golfer."

Driven by a desire to excel and achieve success, Scott's biggest motivation is his daughter, Phoebe. His commitment to being the hardest worker in the room reflects his determination to not only fulfill his professional aspirations but also to set an example for his daughter and provide her with a bright future. With his relentless work ethic and genuine passion for connecting people with opportunities, Scott aspires to reach the pinnacle of his career and make a lasting impact in his field.